Altus – Excursion Two

Altus - Excursion Two

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Altus – Excursion Two
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2009

As one might expect, the music of “Excursion two” nicely continues where the first one left us. Again, Mike Carss offers a beautiful sonic painting that breaths total relaxation and peacefulness.

The recording consists of two lengthy, cinematic soundscape tracks of 27 and 38 minutes, made up of velvet, transparent and lush soundings which have an overall dreamy and highly immersive impact.

It’s an expertly made floating ambience of pure bliss, making you feel at ease at any place when you close your eyes and let this music take over.
Nice going, Mike!

The music is available as free download from the Earth Mantra netlabel through a link on the Altus website.



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