Altus – Hidden Realms and Vacant Spaces

Altus - Hidden Realms and Vacant Spaces

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Altus – Hidden Realms and Vacant Spaces
CD-r/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2022

Altus’ “Hidden Realms and Vacant Spaces”, inspired by Stephen King’s immensely popular “The Dark Tower” saga, delves into the undiscovered wheres and whens beyond our imagination. The recording sketches out a vast cinematic aural canvas with sets of lush, haunting, and dramatic-infused textures filling the stage. The first track “The Beam” was originally created in 2018 for the second track “Explore” in Loneward’s “Protection”. When it was done, its overall mood and feel proved much too dark for its original purpose, but its foundation showed a perfect match for the current release.

The 57-minute “Hidden Realms and Vacant Spaces” -featuring many enigmatic and surreal semblances- unfolds as a continuous journey made up of malevolent, densely layered, and mysterious atmospheres with an occasional light-bringing, graciously-infused interlude (“The Place Between”). The final two pieces are elusive ambient spaces that take the listener further off the map, with the symphonic-oriented “Beyond the Circle” making things immerse into an alternate wide open… Overall rating: between 3.5 and 4 stars. Can I already subscribe for a follow-up?


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