Altus – Komorebi

Altus - Komorebi

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Altus – Komorebi
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2015

“Komorebi”, a Japanese word describing sunlight filtering through foliage, sees Altus return with another fine nature-inspired release for which he applied similar composition techniques from the Elements-series.
The chosen concept though reminds me of the older albums by Thom Brennan, who also feels a strong connection with the natural beauty in his dayly surroundings and being able to transfer these into ambient music.

The soundscape music making up “Komorebi” is of a highly emotive nature, expansive and gracious, evoking relaxing mindscapes easily. I’m especially fond of the soft breathing character embedded in each of the seven textural, gentle waving pieces, where calmness and introspection form the core. The warm feeling brought to the listener on e.g. “Sun-dappled” feels like a warm embrace, lifting you up without effort.

Once again, Mike’s layering and deepening of soundscape tapestries is meticulous and focussed. The aforementioned make another worthy (almost continuous) ambient journey to escape from human’s busy and often tiring worldy affairs.

“Komorebi” is available for purchase as flac and wav file through Bandcamp (44.1kHz/24-bit), while the mp3 download is still for free through the Altus website.



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