Altus – Macro

Altus - Macro

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Altus – Macro
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2008

“Macro” offers 22 short “behind the scenes” sounds covering a broad range of sounds, from melodic ambient to atonal soundscapes, and a few oddities in between.
As explained by Mike, they are the outcome of the things found after he starts noodling with different sounds while working on new music, but which don’t fit in the project he’s actually working on.

Well, although the cover of the album scared me off a little (making me a expect a rather abstract sounding recording), “Macro” takes off with beautifully rendered, sedate soundscapes which get even more spacious when “Overhead” comes along.

The abstract sound of an electronic virtual orchestra comes more alive on “Onaip “ (which comes in five scattered parts over the album), or “Torrid Sands”, but there’s also the saddening string sections of “Ebb”. The harmonious, flowing textures continue on “Leaf in the Wind” , “Wood Grain” , “Bialowieza Puszcza” and the spacious realms of “Cerebral Breach”.
A track like “Camaraderie” would suit very well as film music while “Stoned-Empire-Monkey-B” is the most experimental piece found here.

The sonic contrast between half of the tracks on this album is something is I don’t know what to do with it, so I simply refer to Mike’s advise: “Given that each track is it’s own entity (a rare thing with my work), there’s no wrong way to play this album. Pick and choose your favourite tracks, or simply randomize the track listing for a slightly different listen every time. Have fun with it, that’s the idea.”

In my case that leaves me selecting the textural pieces for my personal enjoyment, approximately 12 tracks in total, although I would have loved all these pieces lasted much longer than they do now.



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