Altus – Pioneer

Altus - Pioneer


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Altus – Pioneer
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2018

A lot of the music released by Canadian composer Mike Carss (aka Altus) has been the sonic companion for travelling inward or into the grand outward expanse. The latter category applies to the 67-minute “Pioneer” where we leave Earth behind and travel beyond our solar system.
Altus has come up with lush symphonc orchestrations, taking off slowly with the emotive “Last Goodbye” with a wealth of energy and uplifting movement surfacing on the sequencer-driven “Blazing Departure” while smooth spheres and transparent synthpads along a gentle sequence make up the sparkling “Slingshot”.

Next is the 22-minute “The Void Between”, a special and highly evocative celestial ride of evolving and layered chord progressions with a strong cinematic current, a weightless ambient floater with beautiful farscapes and glimpses into the beyond passing by. Soundscapes take a gentle turn into the graceful symphonic on the free drifting “Luminous Greeting”, also notable for some slight Vangelis hints (which I also noticed earlier on a few spots). “Final Approach” takes off with soft soaring textures followed by a pulsating bass note, a slow sequence and happy swirling pads. The last track, “Pioneer”, took Mike four attempts from scratch to reach the emotional impact he was aiming for. It’s an epic and intense 9-minute ride where forces, ethereal atmospheres along a touch of infinity merge seamlessly as we share the composer’s view across immense distances.

“Pioneer” makes a quality ambient release into the great cosmic outdoors and a recommended treat for the ears.



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