Altus – Rapid Eye Movements

Altus - Rapid Eye Movements

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Altus – Rapid Eye Movements
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2008

Mike Carss, aka Altus, explains that this album is not meant as a sleeping aid, but as a sonic voyage through one’s dreams and the secrets they can reveal.

Sonically, the seven flowing textural parts follow a rather darkening path that stretches out in the direction of his previous albums “Artifacts of Distant Memories” and “Only One Earth”.
In addition, they venture into deeper lands of the subconscious, as the music slowly evolves into hypnotizing shapes and vapours.
This is both mesmerizing as cinematic mind music revealing a new side of Altus’ impressive musicianship.
The music is available as free download from the Rain netlabel through a link on the Altus website.



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