Altus – Sleep Theory Volume 1

Altus - Sleep Theory Volume 1

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Altus – Sleep Theory Volume 1
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2011

With “Sleep Theory Volume One”, Mike Carrs adds another fine chapter to his already extensive catalogue of soothing and highly textural ambient music. Quite similar to the overall relaxed outcome of “Coma Cluster”, this lush and atmospheric music in three phases feels like a comfortable blanket of synth washes, great to put the mind to rest.

“Sleep Theory Volume 1” is a smooth, overall soothing and gently drifting listening experience, best heard at a low volume. The velvet impact of the sophisticated layering of transparent, calming ambiences and slow evolving dreamscape music is especially strong on the second and third movement.
It makes a great sonic companion to release the mind from stress and let it settle down in a harmonious, profound relaxed state of well-being. Well done, Mike.

As with almost all previous Altus releases, the album is available as free download in MP3 and Flac format.



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