Altus – Sleep Theory Volume 2

Altus - Sleep Theory Volume 2

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Altus – Sleep Theory Volume 2
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2013

After a break of about a year, Canadian musician Mike Carss returns with the second volume in the Sleep Theory series, bringing his listeners another chapter of low volume soundscape ambient music.

The album contains three long form sessions (Session 4-6) of velvet, carefully molded textural worlds entering the serene, harmonic and undisturbed. Mike’s lush, soft soaring and immersive sound tapestries float along in a slow ebb and flow pace while its tranquil sonic perfume spreads decidedly darker but still most accessible moodscapes overall. The extensive drone pads of “Session 5” steps out even a bit further, venturing deeper into haunting, far-off lands beyond.

“Sleep Theory Volume 2”, available as free download as usual, is most suitable to break away from it all and makes a very nice addition to the previous volume.



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