Altus – Sleep Theory Volume 3

Altus - Sleep Theory Volume 3

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Altus – Sleep Theory Volume 3
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2017

This third installment in Altus’ Sleep Theory series (published about four years after the previous volume) contains the extended sessions 7, 8 and 9, all carefully molded and shaped sonic companions to help the listener explore what happens while you sleep.

The freeform music featured on each of the three 20-minute pieces sees a further extension of the overall smooth textural worlds of the previous parts, unwinding slowly and spiraling effortlessly in pastel colors. Once again Mike Carss proves his solid craftmanship with the delicate rise and fall of morphing, symphonic-flavored layers among some occasional subtle sequencing, together creating a soulful, emotive outcome mesmerizing and tickling the senses. If I had to choose a favorite here it would be the glowing “Session 9” with its occasional hints of melancholy and undercurrents of longing.

When you put on “Sleep Theory Volume 3” (or a previous volume) just sit back and let it these velvet tapestries surround, guide and wash over you.



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