Altus – Symmetry & Shadow (Singles Collection Vol. 2)

Altus - Symmetry & Shadow (Singles Collection Vol. 2)


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Altus – Symmetry & Shadow (Singles Collection Vol. 2)
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2011

This is a second compilation by Altus, aka Mike Carss, supposed to fill the gap until the release of his full album “Ecotone” due for mid November 2011.
“Symmetry & Shadow”, with nice descriptive linear notes of the composer on the cd-artwork, comprises another beautiful collection of lush and dreamy soundscape ambient tracks covering the time between 2006 and 2011, of which five have been previously unreleased.

What has remained a core element in Altus’ music is the strong emotional and cinematic impact of his expansive sounding textural compositions. The over 80-minutes of music comprising this work take you to imaginative and fascinating places beyond next to great vast spaces such as heard on “Umbra” or the highly meditative “Shinrin Yoku”.

“Regret” and its companion track “Toward a better future” turn to a profound neo-classical style with piano, cello and assorted orchestral hints. I even felt shivers running down my spine when listening to the overall beauty captured on “Failing Light” and the grand finale “Shadowlands”.
This spot-on selection of musical journeys through very gentle and smooth drifting spheres, creating an uplifting, relaxing but also melancholic moods. It’s great to immerse into.

All in all, “Symmetry & Shadow” is what I call high-quality and excellently produced ambient. As always, the music is available as free download in various audio formats.
In addition, there’s a very nice promo-video of this release found online.



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