Altus – The Grand Expanse

Altus - The Grand Expanse


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Altus – The Grand Expanse
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2007

“The Grand Expanse” by Canadian musician Mike Carss is a symphonic excursion into the endless worlds surrounding the Earth: the cosmos.

The music is a well produced, refined and nicely sculptured piece of free floating music made of embracing, warm plains of sound breathing lots of emotion.

The 14 minute title track takes off in a quiet, classic manner with flute, after which the sounds start building into grand, massive soundscapes of orchestral grandeur.

“Magelannic Clouds” comes next with its lush, slow whirling and flowing sound tapestries, seamlessly moving into the warm, uplifting “Light Traveller” which contains some nice piano as well.

“Dust Lanes” is the fourth atmospheric track on the album, which contains some sparkling elements as well. “Towards the Galactic Centre” brings things to a closing of symphonic realms with some beautiful solo sounds of violin.

All in All, “The Grand Expanse” is fine piece of art, and a worthy addition to his ongoing collection of ambient albums.
Like all of Mike’s albums, “The Grand Expanse” is available as free, high-quality download from his site. So make sure you get it!



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