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Altus - The Time Collection


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Altus – The Time Collection
CD-R/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2015

With “The Time Collection”, Mike Carss (aka Canadian composer Altus) has delivered another monumental ambient work with narrative soundscape music travelling far into distant lands, the heavens and beyond.

The two-disc release (part I: “Ghost of Time”, part II: “Time Forgotten”) is an arc of grand, lush, highly emotive and deep atmospheres along symphonic soundscapes presented in a continuous framework. The velvet, drifting and shape shifting outcome feels like a warm, inviting and highly comfortable embrace, unfolding in many layers while revealing both sparkling and soothing subtleties as it morphs most gently and naturally.
To me, a profound lost-and-found feeling runs as an undercurrent through this most fulfilling and gracious body of work which addresses a celebration of life in the moment, but also honors/remembers those who passed on and are sorely missed by each of us.

Compared to “Ghost of Time”, the neo-classical sound worlds with occasional vocal pads of “Time Forgotten” seem even more intense, visiting a couple darker shades, dense environs and even gothic realms during the 74-minute ride. The ethereal tapestries encountered on the 30-minute closure “Walk with Oblivion” are simply breathtaking.

Overall, the mesmerizing, airy journey sketches out an array of fascinating pastel colors through its vast freeform textural landscapes, whose delightful sonic perfume is best experienced through quality headphones. As such, the impressive sonic splendor making up the stellar but still humble “The Time Collection” is a must-have for any ambient fan.

“The Time Collection” is released on January 7th 2015 as a numbered, limited edition 2-disc CDr set (only 40 units, Taiyo Yuden brand) in a sturdy metal tin. This will be followed by a regular free download version in February.



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