Altus & TRX – Crossroads

Altus & TRX - Crossroads

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Altus & TRX – Crossroads
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2010

The album “Crossroads” fulfills a wish Mike Carss (aka Altus) had for years: to compose a beat-oriented album in the style as he wrote them in the 90s, but he hadn’t done so as he considered his beat programming was always lack-luster.
Through the internet, he got to know the output of Bulgarian musician trx (also known as TeeRexX), which had become his favourite IDM producer. Both parties agreed on a collaborative release, for which Altus provided the melodic textures, while trx was in charge of the beats.

Well, “Crossroads” has become a fresh sounding and playful down-tempo album, which mixes well-sculptured extensive leads and string pads with deep bass lines and tickling melodies. The driving rhythms by Trx are catchy and poignant, giving body to the well-composed and attractive ten tracks that nicely push forward and swing in motion.

“Crossroads” is a nice and transparent sounding gem of down-tempo electronics with a positive current running smoothly underneath. In addition, it would fit nicely on any major label in the genre.

The album is exclusively available through the Kahvi Collective netlabel as a free download in various audio formats.


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