Altus – Winter Embrace (15th Anniversary edition)

Altus - Winter Embrace (15th Anniversary edition)


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Altus – Winter Embrace (15th Anniversary edition)
CD, Private Release, 2017

What I got here is the first factory-pressed cd from Canadian sound artist Mike Carss, aka Altus. It’s the definitive 62-minute version of the orchestral-electronic release originally composed in 2002 which influenced future Altus albums such as “Black Trees Among Amber Skies” (2010) and “The Sidereal Cycle 3” (2012).

In addition, it’s not just a remastered version, more a complete overhaul of the music with a lot of attention given to detail, sound characteristics and blending/layering of various instruments in the beautifully rendered, graceful and symphonic outcome. As described in the releases inner sleeve, the five-minute introduction sets the mood. From there the main theme surfaces as a slow-motion minimalist structure and over the next 25 minutes transforms into an ambient bed of sound. The second half suspends you there, containing reminders of the theme but is never fully realized.

Most of all, this meticulously crafted set of ambient ear candy airs majesty and grandeur, swirling along in an ebb and flow of peacefulness, reflection and indepth tranquility. It keeps triggering the mind with every gentle turn as is flows, spirals and evolves smoothly.
Overall, the commemorative, soft sparkling “Winter Embrace” is for all who prefer a lovely aural massage that lifts you up simultaneously.



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