Ambient Joy – Always hold the Light

Ambient Joy - Always hold the Light

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Ambient Joy – Always hold the Light
CD, Groove Unlimited, 2017

I can’t deny Ambient Joy’s debut album, a collaboration of German artists Dagmar Hoffman (aka Klaus Hoffman-Hoock’s ex-wife Dagi Daydream) and Harald Nies, appears a different and unusual release on Groove Unlimited.

Always hold the Light“ features 56-minutes of ambient rock music with lyrics, moodscapes and a steady bass line plus a profound spiritual flavor present on all six tracks. Besides the English lyrics (along some spoken words in German) having a clearly German accent, Dagi’s voice and flashes of the general-melodic and positive sounding music remind of ’70s Earth & Fire, although coming forward far less symphonic. Harald’s emotive guitar work lends a sparkling touch to the overall mellow outcome, the latter keeping a strong focus on spiritual and New Age awareness.

While I don’t prefer vocals and electronic music nor was touched that much by Dagmar’s spiritual concern to contribute to the consciousness development and healing of humanity, I liked the overall attractive, sounddesign, spacious sonic scenery and environmentals scattered all over “Always hold the Light“ (especially those in the intro and outro of the 17-minute “Earthsong“).



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