Ambiscend – Tranquility

Ambiscend - Tranquility

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Ambiscend – Tranquility
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Imagineer Records, 2018

Ambiscend is composer Darren Rogers hailing from West Texas who started his own label Imagineer Records some 20 years ago to help promote new age and ambient music. As the title of this album already indicates, “Tranquility” is a work that helps to break break away from the high demands, stress, hectic and chaos too often present in modern life.

The recording contains five freeform soundscapes of 8-10 minutes each mingled with various sounds of nature in which a sense of calm is prominent. Next to being uplifting and caressing gently, the textural New Age music on each track creates a serene, warm and overall atmospheric aural cocoon of its own that I feel could have been a tad more varied and evocative. But maybe that’s inherent to this type of music meant to rejuvenating and refreshes a busy head (or at least reduces the sonic clutter invading our day-to-day life).



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