Amethystium – Aphelion

Amethystium - Aphelion

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Amethystium – Aphelion
CD, Neurodisc, 2003

This is Øystein Ramfjord’s second cd, which again features a great cover. I can be short about the music as its continues where the former album “Odonata” ended. From the opening track the same reminiscent sound and elements fill the room.

As such, the album contains 58.58 minutes of masterful sound tapestries with some occasional Gregorian chants, tribal rhythms, synths, flute, a bunch of samples and last but not least the heavy bass lines. This time, vocals are used on three tracks, but music wise this doesn’t change much.

Like its predecessor, “Aphelion” is a professional sounding and composed recording, but gladly enough not a repetition of the debut-album.


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