Amethystium – Aurorae

Amethystium - Aurorae


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Amethystium – Aurorae
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD EP, Ramfjord Music, 2012

“Aurorae” is a four-track Ep from Øystein Ramfjord, aka Amethystium, who considers the digital-only release very much a do-it-yourself project, as there’s no traditional promotion behind it.

Amethystium very much sticks to the formulue of emotional and lyrical instrumental music as known from his previous albums.
But this time, while again creating a beautiful sense of magic, he also succeeds in adding an extra layer of depth to it that makes the mid-tempo music sparkle even more. This also has to do with the sophisticated adding of a nice batch of real cello and spherical non-verbal vocals to the uplifting, positive music.
All in all, “Aurorae” makes me anxiously looking forward to a full length album.

One can buy the Ep from iTunes (among other online digital platforms), but I strongly urge getting this in high-quality lossless Flac from the artist site.


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