Amethystium – Emblem

Amethystium - Emblem

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Amethystium – Emblem
CD, Neurodisc, 2006

The album “Emblem” is a compilation-cd aptly subtitled “Selected Works I”, comprising tracks from his former three very successful albums “Odonata” (2001), “Aphelion” (2003) and “Evermind” (2004), which form the so called Dragonfly trilogy.
All tracks have been digitally remastered and got a personalized narrative of Øystein Ramfjord, the musician behind the Scandinavian Amethystium-project.
For the music I’d like to refer to the reviews of the separate albums on my the website. The album concludes with a previously unreleased track (“Anthemoessa”) which was composed and recorded in the same period as the third album “Evermind”.

In all, the 79.15 minutes on “Emblem” offer a proper overview of what this talented musician is capable of. It makes me more than anxious for what new direction his upcoming music will take.


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