Amethystium – Evermind

Amethystium - Evermind

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Amethystium – Evermind
CD, Neurodisc, 2004

With his third album “Evermind”, Amethystium a.k.a. Øystein Ramfjord continues his tradition of accessible, ethnic infused fairy-tale music.

For the new album, the third instalment in the “Dragonfly Trilogy”, he invited a few guest-musicians, like the evocative vocals of one Lee Nisbet (from the band Animus Mundi) and Martha Rosbakken plus some acoustic guitar on another track.
The overall atmosphere is laidback, but like on the former album there’s a continuous flow and interaction of quiet and more rhythmic oriented pieces.
After I heard the whole album it’s clear that Amethystium did what he was supposed to do: present another chapter of music which stays close to the style of music of its predecessors.
Yes, fans of Delerium and Enigma will again enjoy this one.


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