Amethystium – Isabliss

Amethystium - Isabliss

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Amethystium – Isabliss
CD, Neurodisc, 2008

Almost four years after Øystein Ramfjord concluded his Dragonfly-trilogy, he now returns with “Isabliss”, which sound wise was to travel in a new direction.

More concise sound experiments and sketches have been implemented in the relaxed music of “Isabliss”, which features more pronounced rhythms/beats and wordless female vocals complimenting warm synth and string pads that make up the rhythmic and spherical tracks.

Opener “A small adventure” already announces the shift in sound, but the next three tracks fit nicely into accessible, moody spheres which have become the trademark on his previous work. This especially goes for “La Pluie” the dreampop-piece “Treasure” with its lyrical synth solo and velvet, angelic vocals.

From there on, the music furthermore mixes up-tempo and spherical tracks, but to my ears an personal liking in a way much less consistent and encompassing compared to his previous endeavours. The adventurous “Dreamlike Insomnia” at the end is even rough and restless to my ears.

To me, this well-produced album is less captivating, showing a more adventurous side of Amethystium’ s music, which dwells closer towards the music of Delerium at various passages.


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