Amethystium – Odonata

Amethystium - Odonata


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Amethystium – Odonata
CD, Neurodisc, 2001

“Odonata” is a special and great looking cd from the Norwegian musician Øystein Ramfjord.
It is almost all instrumental music which nicely features some influence of Enigma, but next to that also elements of the music of Synaesthesia, John Stanford (trance/dance-feel) and David Parsons (Tibetan/ethnic flavour)can be heard.

Very nice deep bas-loops, light sequencer lines and ethereal soundscapes complement each other in a capturing manner. In addition, there’s catchy flute, ethnic-oriented percussion and some vocals. There’s this dreamy feel overall the whole album, not to forget the almost introspective feel hear in the track “Tinuviel”.
This is both a very relaxing and intriguing disc that will appeal to lots of listeners. Not to forget about the production and sound quality of this recording: both are outstanding.
Highly recommended!


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