Amethystium – Transcience

Amethystium - Transcience

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Amethystium – Transcience
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Ramfjord Music, 2014

One of the first things that become clear on “Transience” is the melodic outcome sounds less electronic, as it made a sure shift into the neo-classical realm.

The album contains 11 tracks of feel-good instrumental music still clinging to the lyrical and enchanting while spreading a positive, emotive aura as it unfolds gently. In addition, a fantasy/new age current is also present (“Solace”, “Saudade”, “Transience”), while the use of violin or cello as a lead instrument gives the music – that still contains that catchy bass-groove- a nice, smooth touch.
Tracks like “Mesmerized” and “Nightfall” though can be marked as classic Amethystium-music, airing the lush and uplifting vibe that characterized his previous releases.

All in all, “Transience” makes an accessible and easy-going ride, at times rather soothing (“Faraway”) or chill-out-ish, but never complicated or the least demanding. Although a bit different, and journeying lighter and softer overall, this general melodic outcome will invite and appeal to a larger audience.


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