Amin Bhatia – Virtuality

Amin Bhatia - Virtuality

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Amin Bhatia – Virtuality
CD, Private Release, 2008

Amin Bhatia’s new album “Virtuality” was released on May 23, 2008, the birthday of synthesizer pioneer Bob Moog.
It’s presented as a double concept album featuring a sci-fi trip inside the computer using a whole array of real and virtual orchestral instruments, while the second half contains an innovative realization / interpretation of Ravel’s Bolero.

While the music continues to have Bhatia’s classical/orchestral trademark and highly cinematic approach (as heard on his album “The Interstellar Suite”), it also steps into the future, opening doors into new sonic worlds of wonder.

The first half of the album is a 10-track ride through the inner architecture of the pc, featuring subtle pieces like “Into a Virtual World” next to complex, up-tempo rides (” Need for Speed”) and chaotic, enervating excursions (“Virus Attack”), with the high-tech “Second Life” summing things up at the end.

The 15-minute “Bolero Electronica” was realized with the help of Steve Porcaro and Patrick Moraz, and is a ride through the generations of synthesizers from the old days until the present, as such paying a tribute to both the late Bob Moog as the history of synthesizers.
The cd-booklet offers a timeline of all synthesizers in chronological order used to put this composition together.

Although it’s great to hear someone achieve a project like this, it’s not exactly what I’m fond of, also knowing that Mr Tomita did a synthesizer- interpretation of the piece in the past.
The album closes with a 7-minute version of the same track.

Those looking for adventurous electronic music with a classic angle should consider having a listen to “Virtuality”.



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