Amir Baghiri – Bluebox Collection

Amir Baghiri - Bluebox Collection

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Amir Baghiri – Bluebox Collection
CD, Arya-Amplexus, 2000

“Bluebox Collection” is the long-awaited cd box from the sympathetic German/Iran ambient musician Amir Baghiri.
It contains four cds, all clocking over 70 minutes, which all reflect their own character and sphere: “City”, “Live”, “Night” and “Sleep”.

The first cd “City” (also the oldest recording of the set) is a audiophile recording showing the different sides of a city, in which environmental sounds and impressions are implemented. To me, this is the weakest part of the box, as there’s a sense of restless and chaos almost constantly on or just under the surface.

“Live” contains a compilation of concert outtakes from 1999, in which parts are featured from Amir’s great concert in Cologne.
The first piece is very tasty and will be loved by all who enjoy Roach’s album “Stormwarning”, before things slowly descend into a more tribal-like approach with very nice ambient soundscapes, all done in the tradition of Suspended Memories.
Towards the end, “Live” sounds very mysterious.

“Night” digs into the lighter and darker shades of the night time, offering densely woven textures with some tribal passages. This is great introspective and peaceful music to immerse into.

The final cd “Sleep” is one of extensive drones, which slowly shifts through the various stages of the process of sleep.
Relaxing, meandering phases are counter pointed by excited, more haunting passages, but always returning to a soothing atmosphere.

All in all, “Bluebox Collection” is a monumental work, which comes with a an extensive cd booklet with great photographs by Stefano Gentile and further explanation from Amir on the music.
Be quick, as the box is limited to only 600 copies.


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