Amir Baghiri – Cages

Amir Baghiri - Cages


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Amir Baghiri – Cages
CD, NO-CD, 1997

“Cages” is the debut album by German/Iran musician Amir Baghiri. I remember I’ve seen his name appear as guest musician on a Solitaire album, beside the fact he made the impressive cd “Arcanum”, a joint venture with his musical companions Mathias Grassow en Rüdiger Gleisberg.

Well, “Cages” is a professional piece of work, in which Amir “cries out” all his personal experiences and emotions within various cultures, and the departing from his homeland Iran.

At the start of the album, one almost immediately gets the feeling one is listening to an album from Steve Roach, who has been an important inspiration for Amir’s sonic excursions, but there’s far more to it.

Within the 76 minutes contained on this disc, Baghiri moves through an adventurous and varied landscape in which synthesizers, ethnic percussion, didjeridoo and lots of great sampled sounds come together in daring soundscapes (the German magazine Keyboards called them “Archaische Klanglandschaften”), in which minimal and sometimes even static rhythms are prominent.
Beside this, there are also smooth, textural ambient passages to be found on the album.

All in all, this well produced, very personal music is honest, dynamic and straight forward in its own way. It also shows the ambition of a skilled multi-instrumentalist who sure will come up with more great music in the years to come…


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