Amir Baghiri – Live Long and Prosper

Amir Baghiri - Live Long and Prosper

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Amir Baghiri – Live Long and Prosper

After an absence of five years, German/Iran ambient composer Amir Baghiri fortunately re-enters the electronic space music scene with “Live Long and Proper”.

The 76-minute release, dedicated to Trekkies from all over the world, continues in the tradition of the comfortable, highly textural cosmic ambient as known from his previous albums “Planet X” or “Orbital Repose”, at times even expanding trademark sound.

Beside the overall sound design being fluid, warm, spacious and overall transparent, Amir’s smooth wandering cinematic compositions also contain gentle sequencer patterns along a wide range of occasional tribal sounds and percussive elements, all enhancing the hypnotizing and dreamy experience of being taken into the wonderful spaces of the great beyond.

All who like to immerse in sophisticated, quiet, long form and in-depth soundscape/drone music such as made by Max Corbacho or Steve Roach should make sure to grab a copy of this factory-pressed cd or download.
“Live Long and Proper” is a fine work of quality ambient space art available through Dennis Knopper’s DataBloem-label.


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