Amir Baghiri & Mathias Grassow – True North

Amir Baghiri & Mathias Grassow - True North

Release data:

Amir Baghiri & Mathias Grassow – True North
CD, Arya-Amplexus, 1998

On this concept cd, Amir Baghiri joined forces with his musical pal Mathias Grassow, who already made music together on the nice album “Arcanum”.

Mr Grassow is known for his extensive use of ongoing, minimal, drone-like soundscapes, which he again presents on this album. These are counter pointed by Amir’s overall tribal-ambient textural sounds, but this time the magic just isn’t there.

There are lots of rather dull rhythms and annoying drones, and unfortunately Amir’s soundscapes don’t speak up either. Some tracks seem to move towards some Roach or Suspended Memories material, but just doesn’t stand in its won way.

Luckily, there are a few exceptions on the soundscape side, as heard in “Really Trolls” or at the start of the closing track.

But overall, the outcome of “True North” is not up to my expectations.


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