Amir Baghiri & Nimh – Entities

Amir Baghiri & Nimh - Entities

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Amir Baghiri & Nimh – Entities
CD-R, Silentes, 2003

I discovered this collaborative release through a link on Amir Baghiri’s website, which referred to the site of the Italian ambient composer Nimh (aka Giuseppe Verticchio).

“Entities” contains four extended tracks, making up over 70 minutes of ritual-ambient atmospherics spiced with ethnic influences.
The drifting textures and dronescapes also feature some didgeridoo, percussion and ritual chants. The third track “Revealed Entities” is the strongest one, sounding very lush and floating.

Overall, this stuff is recommended for those who love the deep atmospheres of Vidna Obmana, Roach and alike.


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