Amir Baghiri – Prayers for the Earth

Amir Baghiri - Prayers for the Earth


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Amir Baghiri – Prayers for the Earth
CD-R, Attenuation Circuit, 2013

The music found on the 55-minute/six-track “Prayers for the Earth”, Amir Baghiri’s follow-up of the immersive release “The Serenity”, is a freeform, non-rhythmic soundscape addressing both cosmic and earthy territory.

The slow, warm and dreamy washes of textural tapestries and floating drone pads on this special collector’s edition evoke a hypnotic, elevating and peaceful state During the ride, it surrounds the listener with a smooth curling and shape shifting cocoon of imaginary and soothing spaces that gently morph on an on.

This is great quality ambient in which time and place seem to dissolve, similar to the output of e.g. Max Corbacho, Steve Roach and kindred spirits.

“Prayers for the Earth”, dedicated to Mother Earth, is released on cd-r in a beautiful designed cardboard cd-sleeve, limited to only 120 copies. So be quick if you don’t want to miss out on this very nicely rendered and excellently produced ambient recording, put out by the German label Attenuation Circuit.


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