Amir Baghiri – Time

Amir Baghiri - Time

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Amir Baghiri – Time
CD, Arya-Amplexus, 1998

“Time” is the second solo cd from Amir Baghiri. Again, the outcome is an interesting one, proving he’s not a one-day fly.

His tribal ambient music is often compared to the music of Steve Roach and Vidna Obmana, but when one listens more carefully there’s a strong personal trademark as well.

Next to a bunch of electronica, Amir also played a wide range of exotic acoustic and percussive instruments, including spiritcatcher, rainsticks and various water pots.

Some sequencer parts still can be compared to Steve Roach, but others breath a different, mystic realm of serenity. This especially applies to the expansive “Everything you see is already past”.

This strong concept album is recommended to all who love mature, atmospheric sound works, e.g. other stuff that appeared on the Amplexus label.
Well done, Amir!

Note: the album was remastered and rereleased in 2007 on Amir’s own Bluebox label


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