Amongst Myselves – Ambient, Landscape and Space

Amongst Myselves - Ambient, Landscape and Space

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Amongst Myselves – Ambient, Landscape and Space
CD-R/DVD-R, Private Release, 2012

“Ambient, Landscape and Space” is an cd/dvd package offering a collection of visuals and performances alongside music of Amongst Myselves (aka Steve Roberts), all made and assembled over a period of four years.

The atmospheric music is performed by Steve Roberts is accompanied by Bernard Haseloff on guitar synth and Garry Roberts on electronic percussion. It contains remixes of tracks from previous Amongst Myselves releases as well as three unreleased tracks showing other sides of Amongst Myselves’ music.

The sonic excursions of Amongst Myselves have always travelled into the deep, rather extreme end, with occasional abstract and experimental turns and twists (e.g. “Argo Navis” or “The Dark and Cold”), making it at times quite hard to follow or digest. Mr Roberts ambient atmospheric sketches can also be comfortably reflective (opener “Greybox Shadow”), venturing into grand symphonic sketches (“Ship of Dreams”) or being groovy and almost jolly (“Tales”).

The visuals on the dvd feature beautiful time-lapse cinematography of scenes of the natural world sped up (“revealing the hidden world that the normal pace of life doesn’t see”) next to nice footage of unsettling oil paintings by Bernard Haseloff. The audio on the dvd comes in both stereo and 5.1 surround.

I imagine “Ambient, Landscape and Space” will mostly please the experienced and open-minded ambient music fan.


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