Amongst Myselves – An Abandoned Day

Amongst Myselves - An Abandoned Day

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Amongst Myselves – An Abandoned Day

CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2023

The overall feel of the eight-track “An Abandoned Day” is one of nocturnal ambient that walks on and crosses the abstract/experimental edge at times. The feel of nighttime already creeps in on the nicely rendered opener “The Winds of April” while stark, organic-infused ambiences dominate on the malevolent, foreboding “Lost Beach”, “The Dark Matter Reefs” and “Fading Stellar Remnant”. These are profound aural musings not for the faint of heart that linger slightly in the realms of TD’s primal early soundscaping (“Stratosphere”, “Phaedra”). On the beautiful outing “One Day Remains” though, things are in total harmony with elevating, soft mourning textures, making it the pinnacle track of the release for me. The album rounds out with the psychedelic-ish as well as gentle-emotive “The Absent Pattern of your Feet”, aptly merging the realm of an alternate reality with the present. All in all, this one fits into the range of Amongst Myselves’ deep inner works.


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