Amongst Myselves – Auburn Silhouette

Amongst Myselves - Auburn Silhouette

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Amongst Myselves – Auburn Silhouette
CD, Private Release, 2007

Amongst Myselves is Australian ambient musician Steve Roberts who’s “Auburn Silhouette” (released April 10th 2007) is his fourth album.

Like his former album, it’s accompanied by a dvd featuring some great nature footage to three audio tracks. From the start it becomes clear Steve’s music has further grown, although he apologizes for the fact he needed more time to finish this album after all.

As Roberts states in the press-sheet, each track on the album evokes a different environmental experience, with inspiration drawn from outback South Australia and 12 months working and travelling overseas.
“Greybox Shadow” sets out with great ambient, highly cinematic soundscapes and environmental sounds, nicely followed by the mellow textures of “Bay of Dreams”.
Next comes “Star”, a more darker sound trip with analogue/experimental fx’s. “Munstead Heath” clocks over 9 minutes and is a far more experimental/industrial sounding track offering rather uneasy atmospheres and strange fx’s.
“Hole in the Sky” is rhythmic composition with drums and guitar sounds, capturing a nice uplifting but also laid-back feel, while the nice sculptured soundscapes of the dreamy “Southern Lights” soon get company of minimal tabla-like rhythms.
The spacy, delicates shapes of “Up into the air…” takes us into smooth atmospheres and beyond with additional environmentals. The uptempo “Winter of the Falling Stars” is a fine instrumental guitar based track to close the cd.

Although contrast is a major theme throughout this excellent produced album, make sure to tap into this well crafted, varied ambient journey through the elements.


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