Amongst Myselves – Fragments

Amongst Myselves - Fragments

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Amongst Myselves – Fragments
CD, Private Release, 2010

Previous to the release of “Fragments”, Steve Roberts aka Amongst Myselves did a good portion of experimentation with his synths, e-guitars and electronics between March 2008 and April 2010 with crossing over different elements from various tracks in order to create new pieces of music.

Eventually, “Fragments” became the outcome, essentially being a remix of the music found on his former three releases, but now rearranged and moreover less recognisable due to the more ambient nature of the music, to which extensive field recordings were added.

The nine tracks (presented as a continuous sonic canvas) on the minimal sounding “Fragments” often use just a single musical sound alongside a moody field recording. Altogether it evokes a moody chill-out listening space, a flowing and quieting sonic backdrop with dreamy and imaginary undercurrents to break away and let the mind linger for a while.

When you take the time to dive into this quiet well of sound, which is overall based on structure, this expansive and constructed field recording might prove pleasantly satisfying and fulfilling.


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