Amongst Myselves – Still Life

Amongst Myselves - Still Life  


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Amongst Myselves – Still Life

Amongst Myselves is Australian ambient/space musician Steve Roberts whose “Still Life” appears to be his second full-length recording. The press-kit mentions, among other things, that the album reflects a quiet part of Robert’s life.

The first half of the album consists of floating ambient music with a resonant sound in several passages. On first listen, “Still Life” sounds pretty dark and sometimes a bit oppressive, but also maneuvers regularly in the footsteps of early Vidna Obmana or Steve Roach, but also contains enough subtleties to distinguish itself from them. A track like “Ship of Dreams” is a special piece that by means of a quiet build-up at the end culminates in a fierce symphonic discharge, vaguely reminiscent of the approach of Mychael Danna, but it’s a pity that the sound palette here sounds a bit uneven. “Encounter at the Bay” is quite nice in its own right ending in a sustained -according to the liner notes- live recorded rustling and breaking soundsbits that (however) sounds very artificial. “Darkness”, in turn, is a completely misplaced experimental and meaningless piece within the album.

Initially, I had high expectations of “Still Life” and its impressionistic style, but after several listens I can only conclude that these were only partially met and that the overall production and sound quality were also somewhat lacking.



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