Amongst Myselves – The Good Earth

Amongst Myselves - The Good Earth

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Amongst Myselves – The Good Earth
CD-r/DVD-r/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2020

“The Good Earth” is the first album by Australian synthesist Steve Roberts (aka Amongst Myselves) made since he moved away from his suburban house near Adelaide to a large property on the Fleurieu Peninsula, a place Steve considers almost his spiritual centre for a long time. It certainly allows lots of space for thinking and also creating new music and film. The weather controls your daily life more in this environment and the views are big.

The 65-minute minimal-oriented, darker-flavoured ambient recording centres on this beautiful desert region of Australia from its fossil beginnings, the creation stories of the oldest humans on earth and their creation stories, its colonial period and up to the present day. Sonically, Amongst Myselves eight release is a hybrid of organic electronic sounds and lush textures featuring six slow evolving pieces dressed with abstract/experimental elements. Created with home built synths they are mostly based around live sessions recorded over the past years.

Most suitable for head-phone and deeper listening, “The Good Earth” is a captivating yet intense audio travelogue for the experienced ambient aficionado offering currents of contrasting electronic, primordial and natural ambiences evaporating remote and primordial vibes as it unfolds. Most notable in my opinion are the 8-minute cosmic floater “A Catalogue of Nights” with gentle Steve Roach-vibes, the mystic-drenched “All The Life We’ve Lived” and the 20-minute expanse  into the world of ancestors/ancients “On the Margins”. The latter is also found as a visual representation of the moods the composer tried to convey in his music on a bonus Blue Ray dvd-r completing the simple but nicely designed package.



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