Amongst Myselves – The Past is Another Country

Amongst Myselves - The Past is Another Country

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Amongst Myselves – The Past is Another Country
CD-R/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2014

Compared to the previous releases of Amongst Myselves, the 59-minutes of ambient music contained on “The Past is Another Country” offers the next level into further abstract/experimental and overtly dark ambient spaces journeying inward.

The seven organic-spiced, contrasting electronic and natural ambient/drone compositions carve through the hinterlands of a deep and mysterious world with slow morphing effort, finding its peak on the weird and uncanny “Cave of the Swimmers”. In comparison, the opening (title) track sounds plain light, positive and accessible, which also goes for “Campfires of the Night Sky” where Mr Roberts merges lush soundscapes with treated e-guitar licks very nicely. The final track “In my depths, all treasure dwells” puts an end to an album that focused on the dark side of life with an impenetrable but drifting drone tapestry and treated e-guitar morphing onward.

As such, the biggest part of “The Past is Another Country” is not for the faint of heart, but recommended if one likes to dwell in and inhale the breath of shadowed caverns of netherworlds beyond.


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