Analog Sweden – Moments Lost (music and art inspired by the movie Blade Runner)

Analog Sweden - Moments Lost (music and art inspired by the movie Blade Runner)


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Analog Sweden – Moments Lost (music and art inspired by the movie Blade Runner)
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD/LP, Private Release, 2014

Analog Sweden is a Swedish duo with Fredrik Segerfalk and Per Ronge at the helm. Through crowd funding they started raising money to establish and release the concept album “Moments Lost”, music and art inspired by the movie “Blade Runner”.

In December 2013 it had reached its funding, so things were put in motion to materialize things. To establish the same dystopic feel as the movie, the duo decided to use exactly the same gear, similar approach and almost identical set-up to recording as Vangelis did in his time, with the memorable Yamaha CS-80 synthesizer as centre piece in all pieces. In addition, a range of visual artists created graphics fitting to the music and concept in order to create an even more complete experience for the senses.

“Moments Lost” offers nine meticulously composed, highly atmospheric pieces, expertly mastered by Dutchman Darius van Helfteren from Amsterdam Mastering. The moody “The Escape” kicking things off already evokes the same thrill and vast scenery of future-noir many know so well from the legendary score and film. The thrill of future-noir continues on the smooth glowing “God Light” with its occasional trumpet snippets before going underground with the majestic “Commercial Cash”. Sequencers put the second half of this piece in motion.

The enchanting as majestic “The Street Artist” is a pure delight as it displays its symphonic layers and soaring solo voice on the first half before moving into intimate, heart-felt realms. After a quiet intro, “Animoid Underground” takes off energetically with sweeping pads.

“Biogenesis”, the longest piece on the album, is another highlight with its vast and in-depth scenic sound paintings along beautiful choirs and soaring leads. Intimacy is explored and expressed on the lush wandering “Remote Emotions”. “Take Off” slightly resembles the “Blade Runner” closing theme with euphoric CS-80 sounds and percussion. The bonus piece “Remote Reprise” is another winner with delicate Yamaha CP-70 electric grand piano and spheres, while things are kept small but turning out so moody.

All in all, the breath and outcome of “Moments Lost” comes very close to the intrinsic world, aesthetics and future-noir atmospheres of “Blade Runner”. A high-five to this well accomplished achievement.



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