Anandra Nidra – Blissful Sleep

Anandra Nidra - Blissful Sleep

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Anandra Nidra – Blissful Sleep
CD, Projekt, 2011

“Blissfull Sleep” –subtitle: two sensual meditations for awakening ecstacy- is the first meditation cd on the US-Projekt label. Inspired by a traditional Tantric practice known as Yoga Nidra, the double-cd set features spoken-word meditations by Tantra teachers and authors Mark A. Michaels and Patricia Johnson.

Both 44-minute meditation sessions (followed by a 16-minute music-only track for continued reflection and intregration of the experience) rely on pleasurable images and sensations to induce feelings of relaxation, refreshment and a profound sense of satisfaction.

The first disc of “Blissfull Sleep” features the minimalist and comtemplative ambient track “The Passage” of Sam Rosenthals project Black Tape for a Blue Girl But (but now reworked into a 44-minute score) next to the original version. The second cd contains the blissful and floating soundscape music by Steve Roach (taken from his “Quiet Music” series) next to spoken-word meditation, plus “The First Light” taken from the “Immersion: Three” album.

“Blissfull Sleep”, which comes in an eco-friendly cd-wallet, is suitable for those who like to profoundly cleanse the busy mind and like to slow down in the fast lane of things by means of guided meditation.



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