Andre Alvarez – Luna

Andre Alvarez - Luna

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Andre Alvarez – Luna
MC, Private Release, 1995

Music created in the moment using no computer, sequencer, tapes nor any form of Midi technology. All this applies to the debut album “Luna” of German composer Andre Alvarez, who passed away in July 2008.

What you get is a vibrant and melodic album full of classic electronic music and bits of vocoder which incorporates tasty elements of Jarre (“We came in Peace”), Schulze and Tangerine Dream (“The Dream is Alive”) while giving the outcome a rhythmic/melodic drive.

I especially like the musics positive vibe and the use of elevating pads of the Crumar Stringperformer along the Korg Mono/Poly and Korg Polysix next to the simple rhythms. Several things deserve improvement, but this is easily forgiven if one hears this most frankly and with so much heart and soul made outcome. “Luna” ends with two vibrant live versions of the third and fifth track.



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