Andrew Forrest – Alpha ~ Omega

Andrew Forrest - Alpha ~ Omega


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Andrew Forrest – Alpha ~ Omega
CD, Private Release, 1998

The cd “Alpha~Omega” is the final chapter of the Star-System trilogy, released in the year Andrew Forrest permanently moved to New Zealand.

The album contains seven tracks making up 74 minutes of ethereal heavenly music. At times a bit reminiscent to the floating works of Michael Stearns, the music breaths a great sense space and relaxation.

“Lightyears” features a distinct use of sequences embedded in celestial atmospheres, sometimes balancing on the edge of New Age, while the second track merely contains choirs and isn’t that spacy to my ears.
Great space textures and choirs lead the way on the third track before another highlight can be heard in the strong “Parallel Worlds” which has a great celestial impact and synthesizer fx’s.

“Dark Portal” sounds overall majestic with its nice flute additions before we get to the title track of the album, which is, without doubt the strongest track with its deep space realms and uplifting soundscapes.
The nice drifting “Heavenly Host” brings the album to a beautiful close.

This album can definitely compete with its predecessor. Now we have to wait for the cd release of the first part of the trilogy, “Octaves of Infinity”.


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