Andrew Forrest – Boundless (Harmonics Trilogy Vol. 2)

Andrew Forrest - Boundless (Harmonics Trilogy Vol. 2)


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Andrew Forrest – Boundless (Harmonics Trilogy Vol. 2)
CD, Private Release, 2012

The lush, the powerful and the spacious oncemore re-unite on the ambient/space extravaganza “Boundless”, the second installment in Andrew Forrest´s “Harmonics Trilogy”-trilogy.

Again, there are three lengthy movements, each clocking over 20 minutes, featuring some very nicely rendered twinkling sequencing beyond immersive, velvet soundscapes. Andrew perceives the gradually unfolding and highly atmospheric outcome as his most complex, compositionally-surprising and expansive music to date.

With the third and final part already on the way, the subtle, the anthemic and the serene form the core of the expansive textural compositions of “Boundles”, with hints of neoclassical, symphonic and new age music. Moreover, the vast spaces all reach out to endless and far-off worlds beyond but also those within reach.

Submerging and dwelling comfortably in these breathtaking, overall gracious and profound emotive sound paintings strikes a pleasant sense of balance, happiness and makes one feel at ease while so easily lifting up the human mind and soul.
Chapeau, Andrew!


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