Andrew Forrest – Essence

Andrew Forrest - Essence


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Andrew Forrest – Essence
CD, Private Release, 2010

With “Essence”, New-Zealand composer and visual artist Andrew Forrest brings us another chapter for “inner journeying to multi-dimensional realities” as he likes to call it.

From the start, the subtle evolving and mesmerizing space music of “Essence” is evoking this grand out-there feel, masterfully presented in four seamlessly merged and overall gracious textural movements with arpeggiated sequences.

Moreover, this highly immersive and celestial music takes you across the border where “Beyond the Beyond” (the closing piece of his previous album) left us, as attentive listeners may observe.
The magical music is a voyage through space and time, smoothly taking every corner with its subtle weaving of delicate, abstract textures.

Especially the impeccable sound design and the gentle flow through the different movements of “Essence” is impressive, culminating in the highlight “Part 4”.

All in all, “Essence” superbly complements Andrews previous journeys of cinematic ambient soundscapes of deep space. A must-have.
Note this album is only available as factory pressed cd from Andrew’s website listed below.


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