Andrew Forrest – Freefall

Andrew Forrest - Freefall

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Andrew Forrest – Freefall (Source Quartet Volume 3)
CD-R/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2018

A bit longer than expected Andrew Forrest hereby offers his listeners the third chapter of the Source Quartet trilogy. The 60-minute “Freefall”, a musical interpretation and celebration of the mystery of existence, is another ethereal space-ambient extravaganza presented in three expansive pieces (“Freefall into Mystery part 1-3”) all spreading a profound sense of enchantment, grace, enlightenment, purity, and the divine throughout. Like the previous volume “Stillness Moving”, the textural, angelic-flavoured music with occasional sequenced bits swirls and shifts in fluid dynamic as it spreads its wings or curls up. It’s an aural time machine and travelogue where a myriad of stars and spheres evoke feelings of travelling inward or into the infinite, presented best and sparkling the most on the first two parts. It is here the celestial music leads us into the light in a smooth, most gentle fashion.

As with all of Andrew’s recordings one best gives the music several spins and focussed listens to discover the many details and layers embedded in the outcome.

Note: While the download version of the album is available at Bandcamp and CDBaby, the physical version of “Freefall” is only available from Andrew’s own website.


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