Andrew Forrest – Infinite Octaves

Andrew Forrest - Infinite Octaves


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Andrew Forrest – Infinite Octaves
CD, Private Release, 2009

After a long hiatus of seven years, Andrew Forrest finally brings us the “final” chapter of his “Star- System Trilogy”, which is actually not the third but the first volume.

“Infinite Octaves” is a stunning work of space music in the true sense, offering a free form, gentle and gracious ride through higher spheres and other realities.

The four extended tracks evoke a truly spatial and dimensional-shift, as it glides peacefully and almost fluidly through the grand canyon of spaces with highly cinematic and uplifting effect. It’s warm and embracing, meant for deep listening and inner awareness as it caresses the mind and soul.

These magical soundscapes with occasional sequencer patterns fit into the grand design of all things, evoking multi-coloured emotions and insights, keenly avoiding the new-age trap as the grand journey smoothly unfolds.

All in all, “Infinite Octaves” makes a sensational and truly magical album.
Bravo, Mr Forrest!


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