Andrew Forrest – One ~ Source Quartet Volume 1

Andrew Forrest - One ~ Source Quartet Volume 1


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Andrew Forrest – One ~ Source Quartet Volume 1
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD/CD-R, Private Release, 2015

With his tenth album “One” (the first chapter in the Source Quartet-series), New Zealand-based composer and visual artist Andrew Forrest returns with a new sonic revelation. In essence it’s an energetic experience of shifting from tight contracted separateness to the expanded freedom from illusory self through sound.

Similar to previous albums, Mr. Forrest is the experienced conductor of a well-equipped electronic orchestra, applying a large assortment of instruments and sounds. The outcome is an emotive 65-minute ride unfolding naturally and harmonically in four phases as it percolates the listener smoothly into grand expanses.

The release kicks off with “Unveiling Eternity”, an energetic opening or ‘satori’ to timelessness or eternity submerging the listener in comfortable celestial tapestries and waveforms. The celestial journey continues beautifully on the 19-minute “The Rapture” (focusing on the delight of remembering the freedom and wonder we all knew as a small child) incorporating some great piano in the first half while evoking a strong time machine feel as it unwinds. Hints of classic space music with a nice sense of awe and wonder shimmer through. The velvet, lush and grand textures of third space music marvel “Union of Opposites” center upon the mysterious experience of where the opposites of duality merge and thus cancel each other out.

This brings us to majestic, smooth swirling textural vistas of the closing title piece “One”, representing the completion of the shift; so the separate sense of self has completely vanished, and life is now experienced without illusion…as boundless, timeless Oneness, or home. It’s a pity though this album is only available as a download, as this evocative, high-quality sonic art truly deserves a physical release.


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