Andrew Forrest – Presence (Harmonics Trilogy Vol. 3)

Andrew Forrest - Presence (Harmonics Trilogy Vol. 3)


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Andrew Forrest – Presence (Harmonics Trilogy Vol. 3)
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2013

With “Presence”, Andrew’s ninth release to date, we get to the closing part of the Harmonics Trilogy. Like its predecessors, it contains three expansive movements meant for sonic, long-time discovery along relaxation and introspection. The outcome took the composer nine months of composing, involved 90 mixes over the three tracks and proved to be the most challenging and rewarding in the end.

Furthermore, all the elements that worked so well in the previous recordings have been carefully expanded upon. For this completion, things were lifted to new levels of sonic clarity and musical exploration. And once more, Mr Forrest strongly pursues his listener to feel the sound as much as hear it with the ears only. It’s his vision, sound is vibration, vibration is frequency, and our bodies are also vibration at the quantum level…so we can receive the sonic frequencies in this music as a whole-body experience…not just aurally.

All hard and exhausting efforts have led to another fantastic, yet tantalizing electronic symphony. As could have been expected, the music is a mesmerizing work of celestial sonic art bringing the listener the best of soothing, uplifting space music, spreading an array of glowing colours while bringing the unmistaken feeling of conclusion and release.

The intense, slow evolving and lush sonic journey of ebb and flow synth washes contains many subtle and often subliminal sound layers and textures that are not always immediately apparent upon the first few listening, revealing new dimensions, farscapes and intense emotive currents. Focused listening with high-end headphones or speakers is a must in my opinion.

With “Presence”, quite possibly his last physical cd release, Andrew Forrest has succeeded in delivering an expansive and profoundly relaxing, transformational experience, one that the listener will want to explore over and over again while submerging in its large range magical moments and secret outskirts.
All in all, it’s a fascinating listening experience, opening-up new perspectives and insights with every new spin.


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