Andrew Forrest – Resonance (Harmonics Trilogy Vol. 1)

Andrew Forrest - Resonance (Harmonics Trilogy Vol. 1)


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Andrew Forrest – Resonance (Harmonics Trilogy Vol. 1)
CD, Private Release, 2011

Despite the hard times to survive by putting out hard copy releases nowadays, independent electronic sound painter Andrew Forrest once more has found the faith and guts to let his creativity prevail above all.

The idea of a harmonics trilogy surfaced a few years back from now, as Andrew always had been fascinated by the word harmonic, especially in the obviously musical sense. It is his vision all of life is harmonic in a sense, everything vibrating at different frequencies and holding a unique resonance. When something resonates, it feels like there is an unspoken harmony, a kind of ‘in-tune-ness’ or equilibrium. This resonance seems to be a communication that is beyond words, beyond the mind, beyond time/space limitations. To sum it up: music is such a wonderful and natural medium for resonance to be expressed creatively.

While sculpting the body of work that would become the three movements of “Resonance”, Mr Forrest soon had the feeling the outcome was going to be very powerful and magical. At the same time, it proved it would break some new sonic ground too.

The music also soon revealed a traditionally classical approach to form.
First of all, it contained themes at the start of each movement echoing later on towards the end of the same movement. Secondly, Andrew very much enjoyed developing the crescendo idea in each movement, exploring musical tension and release through a very slow build up that eventually resolves in a massive peak, usually followed by a more subtle, gentle passage. The sonic discovery eventually found Andrew exploring the many (if not endless) ins and outs of musical dramas of apparent opposites…melting light and shade, peaks and troughs, melody and abstraction.

“Resonance” marks the kick-off for the new “Harmonics”-trilogy of celestial space music, in which Andrew invested over 12 months of exhausting and challenging work along over 100 mixes of the music. The 66-minute work consists of three expansive, textural movements with occasional sequenced passages.
There’s a great ebb and flow of both massive and subtle sound pads that make up an in-depth and passionate journey. On this behalf, Andrew likes to state the listener will be immersed in a resonant harmonic sound field that will potentially cleanse, open and heal, hopefully leaving you feeling a sense of renewed inner- peace and well-being.

I personally feel immersing in the soft and highly imaginary core of “Resonance” and riding its neo-classical/ethereal waves is a celebration of pure beauty and wonder. Its spacious, grand design simply washes over you in a hugely comfortable sense, feeling honest and so much alive in all its calmness. The sparkling and at times awe inspiring outcome is most rewarding and satisfactory, creating a different and quiet mind set.
Hat’s off once more to you, Andrew!


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