Andrew Forrest – Starseed

Andrew Forrest - Starseed


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Andrew Forrest – Starseed
CD, Private Release, 1997

Andrew Forrest is a visual artist and musician from Cornwall, UK who lives in New Zealand since 1998.

“Starseed” is the soundtrack to the esoteric film “Merkabah, Voyage of a Starseed”, and the second part of the Star-System trilogy, a concept-project which was started in 1992.
The music on “Starseed”, dedicated to whales and dolphins (masters of the 3D experience), is split in 2 long tracks of 30 minutes each.

“Interstellar Harmonics” is a delightful but grand space symphony offering lush, floating and most of all heavenly sounding textures which are both timeless as beautiful.
Halfway through the song a sequence starts, again accompanied by grand soundscapes. Sometimes the music is a bit reminiscent of Constance Demby due to the use of heavenly choirs.

The first ten minutes of the second track are excellent as well, but then this engaging atmosphere is replaced by some rather searching stuff before all returns to the music of the beginning at the 18 minute mark.

Except this slight flaw, “Starseed” is a magnificent and excellent produced work of art I strongly recommend to all fans of spacemusic.


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